Modelemi Agency Photographers 

Our Agency is partnered with several Texas photographers located throughout the state.  Our photographers help our talent to build their portfolios, but also offer additional photography services through their business.

We seek out the best of the best in the industry to work with.  Their work is displayed throughout our website.

If you would like to set up a photo shoot with one of our photographers, you can visit their profiles to see each photographer’s work and contact them by clicking here or the Booking button on their profile.

Tim Bear - Texas Photographers, CEO of Modelemi Agency

Tim Bear

Owner and CEO – Agency Photographer

Location:  Waco, Texas

Jonathon Bell - Texas Photographer / Videographer

Jonathon Bell

Director of Photography 
Agency Photographer / Videographer

Location:  Gatesville, Texas

Tonya Nelson - Texas Photographers

Tonya Nelson

Agency Photographer

Location:  Dallas, Texas

Louie Ayuma - Texas Photographer

Louie Ayuma

Agency Photographer

Location:  Austin, Texas

BC Curry - Texas Photographer

B.C. Curry

Agency Photographer

Location:  Fort Worth, Texas

Greg Testerman - Texas Photographer

Imiko Miller

Agency Photographer

Location:  Round Rock, Texas

Agency Approved Photographers

Agency approved photographers have been vetted by our agency, work with our models and are deemed safe for our models to shoot with.

Greg Testerman - Texas Photographer

Greg Testerman

Agency Approved Photographer

Location:  Round Rock, Texas

Contact info:  FacebookInstagram


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