Modelemi Agency Hair & Makeup Artists 

We partner with several hair and makeup artists throughout Texas.  We believe that a successful photo shoot requires an entire team, and our artists provide a key role in the overall success of a shoot.

Our hair and makeup artists also offer services through their salons and / or their own business.

If you are interested in contacting one of our artists for your next photo shoot, you can visit their profiles to see their work.  You can book one of our artists by clicking here or the Booking button button on their profile.


Hair and Makeup Artists

Dani Martin - Hair and Makeup Artist

Dani Martin


Director of Hair and Make Up

Location:  Belton, Texas  (will travel)

Elizabeth Krupa - Hair and Makeup Artist

Elizabeth Krupa


Hair and Makeup Artist

Location:  Waco, Texas

Emilee Johnson - Hair and Makeup Artist

Emilee Johnson


Hair and Make Up Artist

Location:  Waco, Texas  (will travel)

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