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Evan and Cassidy - Skam Austin

Cassidy and Evan

Elijah - Skam Austin


Background roles for three of our young agency talents


Congratulations to Agency Actors Evan Strot, Cassidy Clark and Elijah Telmoso for being cast in the Facebook Watch Series Skam Austin.   

This series is in it’s second season with 87 episodes to date.  The show follows the life of Grace, who is a junior at Bouldon High. 

Often on set, the life is not glamorous.  Lot’s of long days and waiting for the director to signal it was time to roll.  But hey, there was food provided, and some great friendships were formed. 

Cast as high school students, we are very proud of our young talent.  Not too far off the role – both Cassidy and Evan have graduated from high school and Elijah will be entering his senior year and will graduate in 2020.

They represented the agency with professionalism and got some great experience on the set of a show.  Well done.

You can follow the Skam Austin Series on Facebook Watch.  Hopefully there will be another season shooting soon.


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