Austin’s Ultimate Women’s Expo

Apr 13, 2017All News, Past Events0 comments

Austin recently hosted Austins ultimate women’s expo 2017. One of our male models Dillion Lalor, from Modelemi Agency participated in this event. It was an expo supporting women’s strengths and abilities.

At Modelemi we support this cause, and encourage and help mold our younger female models. We instill in our female models to recognize their beauty and strength.

One of our male models Dillion Lalor enjoyed participating in this cause. He said his part was about helping empowering women. The women there were also about empowering one another. Dillion says as men it’s important to support our fellow females. He believes in men supporting women in their step towards their dreams. He would enjoy participating in this event again. He believes in the cause and the message of empowering women.